Commentator's Match Up's

Commentators make cards more enjoyable with two changes to the Commentators of the last 2 cards made me think of good match up's. I think Goldie and Rogan are perfect Match up right now and have been for awhile others might be but probably never happen is, Mauro Ranallo Kenny Florian would be a good match up on a because they get pretty hyper and would be fun to watch them battle for talking time . Jon Anik and Pat Miletich for because they both are Smooth and clam and laid back you can add a third but he has to be entertaining and add life to the other Two. Goldie and Rogan are like the fun Party type play by play guys if Goldie goes down you need to bring another guy that willing to get down and that could be “The Voice” Michael Schiavello, you can put him with Joe Rogan and they will have a good time and have some good one liners. And if Joe goes down bring in Bas Rutten i don't know how they will vibe together but Goldie focus might rub off on Bas. I do believe Commentary helps the cards out a lot and Match up's should be look at as the sport grows. Phone Post

Maybe just play Theme Songs from 80's tv shows like Knight Rider The Incredible Hulk and the Golden Girls, and can't forget Night Court Phone Post