Commercial Real Estate question

How do you find a good commercial real estate lawyer and what kind of credentials you look for?

In negotiating a final lease, what are some advice/suggestions/things to look out for that
those of you out there can suggest.


What do you need a real estate attorney for? Are you closing, or litigating a property?

What mode are you in? Buying, searching? Consider a CRE (Counselor Real Estate)

Im asking for a friend.

She's opening a franchise, and is close to finalizing the lease.

Here you go..

I have a good lawyer from NJ, He worked my closing.. He's a bulldog....

Also, make sure you have the EPA inspect before you close!


Can you provide a contact # for your lawyer, and I'll pass it on to my friend.


Joseph V Meyers - (201) 488-2211 - 292 Main St, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Tell him Brian from Neat Stuff referred you

I'll pass on the info to my friend.

But she's in Philly, I hope that wont be a problem.

Thanks bro!

No problem