Commiefornia's coming for your Lawn Mower

Electric shit works great when you have a storm knocking out power and you need to remove a bunch of downed trees

I hate CA with a passion. Tried to leave a few times, but something always brought me back. I remember back in 2004ish, you could buy gallon containers of this oil based paint. Now in 2021 you could only buy it in quarts. So you get more plastic waste in the landfills, probably a donor that owns a plastic factory… in China. It’s like the elite’s sit in an office and throw darts at a wall full of random words, coming up with the next thing they need to regulate.

I think we should focus more on promoting foreign countries to recycle than we need to look at ourselves. What countries do overseas would find someone here locked up for and face heavy financial fines. over.

This. Why can’t we buy a V8 anymore? The earth literally has not warmed in 20ish years. The fraud is over. Climate change is a scam to suck more money from you.

Just go and stay in NV

Climate change is such bullshit… I’d say what it is more likely that our planet goes through phases. I think every 12k years or some shit… I mean how would our planet go through ice age, then warming phases… no cars were roaming around 12k years ago that I know of…

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What part of my post triggered your overreaction…?

I have responsibilities here for now, and when I do finally move, I’m not going from one desert shithole to another. I only mention buying “contraband” in Nevada because it’s the closest free state, and I fucking hate Arizona.
This faggot state can eat the whole bag of dicks. As can anyone who gives me grief for hating it here.

God, I miss oil paints.

Spoken like someone without a fucking clue.

When you’re maintaining more than an ecobox dump, electric and battery tools suck much ass. My gas-powered Honda will probably last another 10 years, maybe more. The cost of gas, even in this commie shithole, is negligible compared to the cost of batteries every 3-4 years.

I bought an electric trimmer last year. It’s underpowered, but fine for my small yard. Used it for half the year. Broke it out last week and the fucking battery won’t charge. New battery costs $139.00. Or I can buy a whole new unit for $159.00. Fucking rip off.

Yeah, some of the shittier brands like Ryobi or Greenworks are like that. Echo, Milwaukee, Dewalt and especially Ego+ are top-notch with reliability. I’m going on 6 years with my Ego+ line trimmer and 2.5ah battery and I’m only now noticing a significant decrease in power and charge on the battery. That’s pretty fucking good.

With some soldering skills and reliable source of 18650 batteries, there’s no reason one couldn’t really place the cells in one’s battery, once out of warranty, if one were so inclined.

Liberals are so godamned racist. I’ve never had my life affected by supremacists and my migrant campground where’d we’d stay summers to work got literally stormed by klansmen in horses. No bullshit.

If things are going this direction, then there is no reason to legislate things to go this direction.

The outrage is because the government has no right to intervene in such matters.

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Some of you are clearly clueless. No one’s gonna make money on a few charges a day. Huge waste of time and extra equipment. Fuck you if I wake you up at 11am on a Sunday. When the technology is there maybe I’ll be there but forcing me to use shoddy equipment on the daily when you have no idea how it performs for my line of work.
I need high powered equip to kill your shitty overgrown trees. One day we’ll win this war. I love the smell of gas in the morning.