Comming back to my old friend....

Mr Jab...

It just dont have that snap that it should, its not fast enough, i have trouble getting in and out with it. I cant land a double for my life! I still land my baby (the jab) but thats coz my opponenets must suck :)

How do i get it better. I hear people say throw 1000 a day, but how? on what?

I need to get my damn jab pistoning out! Help me!!

(its not as bad as i make it out but i really want to develop it more)

I have read every article on here about it and when i ask my coach he just says practice it and it'll'd be nice if he told me how to practice it.


that wont damage your rotator cuff?

ttt coz u rock :)


thanx bro good advice. Only Q i have still stands, will 100 a day or locking it out not damage my arm?

i love my jab, just need that "piston" quality to it.

any other tips are much appreciated

Your step and having a relaxed arm is the most important thing. Like lefthooker said, step with your left foot as you throw a jab. A jab should hit its target just as the stepping foot hits the floor, this is where the pop in a jab comes from, the bearing forward of weight just as the fist makes contact. you can aslo do a "leaner" where you stand flat footed and lean a little to get the weight transfer, but I dont like that at all.
Personally I think focus mitts would be a better way to improve the jab, and dont lock out the elbow completely and you should be able to prevent injury.

will archive after a few more replies.

Throwing nothing but jabs at the heavy bag for several rounds on end actually works.

When I was younger, I tried that cheesy Rocky Balboa training method where he ties his right arm to his torso and then just jabs away with the left hand. After a while, my jab got to the point where it was as strong and solid at the end of the workout as it was at the beginning.

I liked the results so much that I've thought about doing this with each of the other punches (i.e. throwing nothing but left hooks or right crosses) but I just never got around to it.

Makes sense.

I do step and drop with the jab but i am not perfect at getting it to land at same time as the step.

The second and third jabs feel weak. Lemme just check, say i am throwing a triple jab. I throw it out, step and drop, stay in the slightly dropped position and throw the 2nd and the third then pop/step out?

Also re a jab, lead hook...i stay down for jab and then pop up for the hook?



When I double a jab, I step with both. If you are applying it correctly, you should HAVE to step with both. You double jab for 2 reasons, to compensate for a big height difference and to chase a guy.
In the first your first jab is going to be a bit out of range, it isnt so much to hit the guy but to keep him from "sharpshooting" you as you come in. Thus the second jab will be thrown with the intent of definitely hitting and if you are coming in from a good distance it will need a step to to land
For the second a guy running; you double the jab to come in, here you are looking for something. If when you jab 1 time the guy stays or comes forward it is better to throw a cross. If you Jab and he gives a little then double the jab, and to make contact again you should have to step.
In short double or triple jabbing I am always stepping, if you dont want to press hard forward (maybe the guy has thunder in his right cross) then you use an aggressive angled step as you come forward and once the jab is landing step to the outside on the second and third jab. It is hard to have any snap on the multiple jabs unless you step with ALL of them.
Again most of my boxing has kicks with it, so pure boxers may do something different, but unless a guy is walking into it I dont think you can get sharp multiple jabs without a step of some kind.