Communism is coming to Chicago. Congratulations dumb ass people


It’s coming to the entire country and it’s inevitable. Kids have been lied to about college and put in a terrible financial position and instead of wanting to hang politicians they’re so stupid they want the same politicians to have total control. Honestly, I’m past the point of caring. Stupid people always get what they have earned on a long enough timeline and we have an abundance of stupid people.


This will not succeed. There are no food stores in Chicago because the black people that live there are prone to robbing and stealing, and any real store that tries to be open there fails. If they do enact these communist stores, they won’t be worth a shit and the people will still complain.

The only real answer in Illinois is to have the criminal black people move out of the ghetto and into your nice neighborhood. Unfortunately, when this happens the grocery stores in your nice neighborhood will close after a few years of losing money due to theft. Not an answer you say? Illinois doesn’t care.


judging a book by its cover, i can tell by his “cover” that the guy lied and faked it til he made it to the top

i can judge his cover and guess that he likely says shit like, “Conversate”, “full stop”, and “Lie berry”


Providing alternative grocery stores after large chains have closed in the city = Communism?

Okay, then.

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What don’t you understand about run by the state?





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“he” understands it perfectly
“he”, like other progressives" are purposely lying about not knowing the uissue at hand or addressing it honestly


This guys a fag


lol @ the idea of working at one of these shitholes…it would look similar to the Somalians attacking the aid trucks at the beginning of Black Hawk Down.


What do they do once these stores get looted out and run out of food?

Then the government buys from the profitable stores and hands them out at the compton swap meet for free.

Starve, like every communist shithole in history.


Will they actually take steps to protect these places from the black plague that ruined regular stores?

If not, we all know the definition of insanity.


Eight of the 10 most federally dependent states were Republican, while seven of the 10 least federally dependent states were Democratic.

Red states with their failing energy grids and federal dependencies shouldn’t give advice to blue states on economic policies in their own states. We are keeping the red welfare states afloat.

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In 2018, the closure of Baldwin, Florida’s, only grocery store sent a shockwave through the town. With the nearest alternative over 20 miles away, Baldwin became a food desert overnight. The recently elected Republican mayor made a common-sense move: he bought the store and started running it under the town’s banner.
Baldwin is not alone. In late 2020, Erie, Kansas, faced a similar dilemma. The owners of the only grocery store in town, Stub’s Market, were ready to retire. When they couldn’t find a buyer, the city itself stepped up and bought the store, now called Erie Market. Cindy Lero, Erie’s city clerk, said it is “set up and run similar to a utility, because that’s what we know how to do.” As municipal employees, the workers got expanded benefits — and the store still turned a modest profit in its first quarter.

I’m not even sure I completely blame the politicians, they aren’t a bright bunch either. They just want to be re-elected. It’s the real money people that want to own the world

This is the heart of the real issue. All these ideas seem reasonable on the surface. Like why wouldn’t we help people in need. Just a lack of a deeper understanding of the broader implications.

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Once this fails, the ghetto goblins will head to the suburbs to steal all the shit they can like in LA, San Fran etc. Maybe the supermarkets in the suburbs will have to install razor wire and sand bags with sniper towers to protect their food supply.

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