Communism is coming to Chicago. Congratulations dumb ass people

80% of black women are OBESE. So just what in the fuck does this “equitable” access mean? That they get access to even MORE food because nobody is starving ffs!

Oh, it’s just more Communist BS! Got it!


Bro, you don’t understand
It’s because they don’t have access to healthy choices

He was a Chicago Teachers Union organizer.

That’s how he got elected as a Cook County Commissioner and later Mayor.

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Yeah, that must be it! They don’t have access to “HEALTHY” food and it’s white supremacy driving their obesity. Got it!

brian regan what GIF

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Total morons.

Now show which areas in those states. That’s right, this talking point has been debunked over and over. You dumbfuck, retarded, window lickers always post this and get owned when it’s pointed out that it’s always the blue, Democrat controlled cites in those red states that end up using up the vast majority of welfare.

Long-Term Welfare Recipients Found Overwhelmingly Concentrated in Urban Areas | Brookings.

Your whole premise is faulty from the get go and full of nonsense.

You lose, again…


All of the halfway decent grocery stores in St Louis have shut down - of course whitey gets the blame…

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In comes the pigeon to another thread to drop his little turd and fly away.

Fly away now, little pigeon



Well said.

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So what how much they get robbed, taxpayers will subsidize it all. This will turn out to be reparations as it will be open season on stealing at taxpayer expense.

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Well, those stores would still be there if his constituents were capable of acting like human beings.

They are literally not civilized enough to have a Walmart. – Think about that.

Imagine what it takes for Walmart to say, “Yeah… we can’t do this anymore. You guys just aren’t Walmart customer material.”


He knows.

@Nytron is a sexless, feeble little man, this is the only place where he can feel like he matters, even if it means debasing himself in his quest to seek attention from dudes.

Let him have this one :wink:

At what point though, are people supposed to help themselves? Futhermore, at what point do we expect them to show the empathy that we’re supposed to show them?

LOL at this my chemical romance haircut

Good for them!

Hope they suffer

Why do black people need a hand out? If I was black I’d be furious if someone said I needed a handout from the white devil. Why do they farm and shit?


Kevsh is mentally handicapped.

The ‘food deserts’ are directly caused by failed leftist policies and the violent criminality of the local Blacks.


I think all Americans should get heathy food, but not the junk they are used to. If you are broke or too lazy to grow or buy your own you should get a box with greens, beans, and a little meat. Cook that shit yourself.