Comp Sci/Networking/etc. Bibles

maybe I've done this thread before- can't remember.

anyway, what do you consider to be the Bibles in IT....

the books you absolutely, positively cannot live without if you are interested in a field...

here are some of mine....


Kernighan and Ritchie - The C Programming Language

W. Richard Stevens - TCP/IP Illustrated Series

W. Richard Stevens - Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment

W. Richard Stevens - Unix Network Programming Series

Bruce Eckel - Thinking in Java

Zwicky, Chapman - Building Internet Firewalls

Wall, et al - Programming Perl

Spafford, et al - Practical Unix and Internet Security

Anderson - Security Engineering

Lucas - Absolute BSD (FreeBSD) and Absolute OpenBSD

Chen - Core Python Programming

Schenier - Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World

Schenier - Applied Cryptography and Practical Cryptography

The Art of Computer Programming - Knuth

Design Patterns - Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vissides

Parallel Distributed Processing Vol 1 and 2 - PDP
Neural Network Design - Hagan, Beare, Hagan

Intro to Genetic Algorithms - Mitchell

Machine Learning - Mitchell

Advanced .NET Remoting - Ingo Rammer


i depend on that fucker for everything

TCP/IP Illustrated Series is sweet

networking fundamentals was ws got me started

lots more books in room, they all vary in importance

u guyz are great, been picking up more and more info daily and shit to start reading


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All of the O'Reilly books online. AVailable for free from school, or a medium fee (like $15 a month or something)

sweet asdf

did u read any further into teh AMD complier

Code Complete - McConnell

The Blue Crab.

TCP/IP System Administration.

O'Reilly > Awl