Compare Guard Instructionals

Could someone make a comparision of Nathan Levertons Guard tape to Matt Thorntons? Which covers the most info and which is the most detailed? I have heard good things about both.

I haven't reviewed Matt Thornton's tapes yet. I have them and they are very good, just haven't had time to write about them yet. Nathan Leverton's tapes on the other hand I have reviewed, and here's the link.

I personally don't think you could go wrong either way.



Nathan's guard tapes set the foundation for the guard. I am under the strong impression that Matt assumes you know everyting on Nathan's tapes before you begin using the material on his tapes. Matt's tapes are based on concepts and strategies and cover sport and vale tudo applications.

they don't overlap. you should definately get them both. i have both and absolutely love them.


i know this has beaten to death, but the only thing stopping me from getting Natan's tape this very minute is the vhs format. From everything I hear, its the best guard tape on the market.

Lertons guard tapes are incredible. What is the web site for Matt Thorton's?? Could someone give a quick description of what is on Matt's guard tapes? Thanks

yup waiting for Levo's dvds

I already have Levo's guard and half guard tape. I interested in Matt Thornton's FJKD Series 1 and 2. Both sets.

Should I get FJKD Series 1?


I would NOT get Matt's first series. It is very basic. I think that you would be happy with his second series (the 3 grappling tapes). Matt covers vale tudo and sport grappling. Matt's web address is

ttt for a comparison between the two!


I'm also interested in the clinch tape in series one. What is your opinion?

Nathans guard series is very comprehensive and an excellent learning/training resource

Someone tell us about Matt Thorntons guard video please.


I would not recommend it unless you don't know anything about the clinch. Matt's first series is very basic. The descriptions of most techniques in Matt's first series are very spartan. Most moves he is just having someone demonstrate the move with a little commentary added. IMHO, Matt's first series was more about how he trains. Matt's second series is very good. Matt shows a number of moves that I have not seen on any other jiu-jitsu tapes. Matt usually talks about the basics of a position, such as how to keep a pin, and then he moves on to showing attacks from there. The same applies for his escapes and guard tape. Matt talks about what type of pressure you should be putting on the opponent and then how to combine attacks and train in a way that maximizes your time on the mat. I didn't care for the clinch tape or striking tape in the second series. I think some of Matt's students have put out clinch tapes that are supposed to be well done.

Thanks Eel!

How does Nathan's guard tape compare with Michael Jen's guard tape?


Nathan's and Jen's tapes go well together. There is a small amount of overlap, but each instructor adds their own perspective to the overlap material. Nathan goes over grips in more detail than Jen and Jen goes more into hip and leg mechanics. I would get both if money permits. I don't think it matters which you get first.

Thanks Eel!