Compare Hughes/St... to Tito/Cote

Matt hughes won because he is a Champion and was able to finish a much less experienced St.Piere with an arm bar in the First. I think all of us knew Matt would win by whatever means necessary because that is what his experience affords him. Options....

I think I, along with mucho others, expected Tito to do the same thing. Tito, much like Matt, was fighting a much less experienced fighter and should have finished the deal in the first, maybe 2nd round. Maybe Tito wanted just to continue to punish this guy to say "hey I am back" but I think the satisfaction from a fans point of view would have been.. "Get this guy over with in 3 minutes" and get it over with.

What do you guys think about comparing the two matches?


Chances are Tito won't be champ again as long as Chuck and Randy are around. Remember how long he was ducking Chuck? He doesn't have a champion mindset that Matt does. Matt fought anybody put in front of him.

It's a pity that he performed so crappy, he had Cote in side mount and back mount in the second round, yet he did shit with that

I just think it would have been better, I guess I mean a win is a win, but not when your ORTIZ. It should have been a slaughter but wasn't. O well....


One was an electric fight that lived up to the anticpation and hype and the other was a snoozefest.

The bad thing for Tito, is that his arrogance preaches strong and quick finishes. When Cote took him the distance and Tito could not finish him it made Tito look bad. I agree that "a win is a win" but in Tito's case, he can't afford that. The fans and the promoters expect a WHOLE LOT more from him.

Another problem people are beginning to have with Tito is that he is very cocky in his pre-fight, but then always has some soft excuse for why he did poorly. Fans don't want to hear that. The Tito of old needs to get back in the Octagon.... is he out there?

We'll see I guess.

You guys are discounting how tough Cote is. The GNP Tito used would have been enough to take out most fighters, but Cote had just too much heart and thick skin.

Until Tito starts to emphasize passing the guard, he will always have to settle for a decision win against opponents too tough to tap under his barrage of punches and elbows.

Good pointe 'andre'. I meant nothing to take away from Cote. I was actually quite impressed with his stamina and ability to take those elbows and punches. I simply was making the point that since he has only 5 pro fights documented, and with Tito's experience... the fans (and I think Tito himself) were expecting a whole lot more.

I really hope Vitor Tito delivers like it should. Vitor is one of my favs for sure but if he doesn't show up ala Matsui, herring, etcc.. It won't be very exciting.
On the other hand if the Silva, eastman etc Vitor shows up Tito better beware.


We'll see about Vitor CHuck Randy after Vitor gets passes Tito. Vitor Chuck 2 will be very interesting I think..
If Randy Beats Chuck again he should try for Vandy. If he can't get that fight lined up he should retire. Otherwise he will be beating the same 3 guys over and over again. That will get boring.