Compared to your parents, how successful are you?

That can mean whatever you want … career, family, how many toys, how much money you have or how much pussy you got in high school…

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I am currently more stable than they ever were.
My Dad made a Lot more money but they spent it just as fast and wound up with nothing.

That was a valuable lesson and I took it to heart. I make less but have more everything no matter how you look at it.

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I’m alive. I win.


I’m less successful than my dad. But I have way less overhead, so my life is more comfortable.

Financially about the same. However, my dad is a world famous (in his field) computer scientist and theoretical mathematician with 100s of peer reviewed scientific publications and a pioneer in computer simulation…so gonna give this round to Pops.

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Financially close. Dad could have made millions early, things didn’t go his way. Ended up solid middle class.

I am also.

Both blue collar workers, he did real estate on side. He could have made a fortune. He also had a shit family life. I have a great family. He fucked up a lot when he was younger.

So I’d say I’m more. My family likes me. A good chunk of his does not.

My father is way smarter than me and has a much better work ethic. He came to this country with a wife, two kids and barely any money. Started a successful business and sold in his mid sixties.

I make more money than all siblings tho…suck it!

I don’t know, hard to say. My dad made around 15k a month in the 80s but makes about 10k a month now. Vastly different. I do have a lot of toys but my dad owned a house when my mom was alive and I have yet to buy one. I make a hair less than him a month now but we have no worries and I think he has tax problems.

Still happily married after 10 years, so I win that.

Have more money but that is because of who I married.

Unless your parents are complete dogshit, it is hard to quantify “success” until your kids are working.

Less. My dad had more I’m guessing at 48 than I have now. We live good I can’t complain.

I have more kids so more successful in that respect, I make a bit more adjusted for inflation but have a WAY more stressful job

i’m more successful, but my mom and stepfather had a good life together (he died around 6 years back).

i really feel like once you get to a point where you don’t have financial stress and can afford to do the basic leisure activities you are most interested in (which they achieved) you have pretty much attained all of the success that matters. everything else on top of that has diminishing returns. so my additional success doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme.

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I make more in a year than my parents probably made in my entire 18 years of growing up but they had me so…Tough call

Financially less successful. But bare in mind my step dad bought a property on the west coast in 1992 for $100,000 and today it’s worth $2.5m due to surrounding neighborhoods booming and it being in essentially in the middle of a Forrest next to the ocean.

The average house in BC where im at is literally $1m today. ($800,000 USD).

At my age I’m way better off financially however my mom was supportive of their long term goals, while my ex kicked me square in the nuts and has greatly hindered my ability to catch him long term. So at 40 I’m better off, but when we are comparing when I get to be sixty it’s gonna be hard for me to catch him.

Then again I had to drag my ex kicking and screaming into life changing investment deals. Since she’s gone, if more come up I won’t have to do that so who knows.

Career wise I am easily more successful. Financially ( credit, investments, etc) my father blows me away.

They lost about 500k after 2008 and are still set for life.

I don’t even have that much to lose and I’ve been much more successful career wise.

Kids, lesson here is don’t fuck up your credit in your 20s.

The one piece of financial advice my dad always gave me and I never listened was pay your bills on time or in his case ahead of time. I was in my 30s before that message hit home.

Both him and my mom’s credit scores are unbelievable. It blows my mind.

Was on my way to being really comfortable until this divorce I am involved in - set me back. I hear this shall pass and I should be good again

Luckily I have never been divorced and will not have to worry about it in the future.

I have never had the urge to get married and have kids. Mainly because if the financial burden.

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Got them beat in most material categories and one-upped them by having 3 children, as they always regretted only having my sister and I. They definitely have a better work ethic than me though, they made me soft by giving me too much lol

In terms of overall happiness, I’ve surpassed my father. But he’s a far better man than I’ll ever be.