Comparo Carvin v Wolfgang v Ibanez

I'm torn...

I have learned that I love the feel of the necks on peavey Wolfgangs, and the better Ibanez. I've heard nothing but raves about Carvins. All can be had on Ebay for about $500, and at the moment, I have that to play with because I've set out to see what kind of "deal" I could find on Ebay. Which would you choose?

I have found a gorgeous flame topped American Wolfgang, a few Carvin DC 135's, and a bunch of the better Jap made Ibanez's.

Probably going to be the last guitar I buy for a while because we have to do some house stuff, so I need to make a smart choice. I want something to go back and forth with in conjunction to my Heritage 150.

Has anyone played, or does anyone own a Carvin? Does it have the feel of a PRS? I enjoy the feel of a PRS but I cannot stomach the notion of paying 2k for a machine made guitar.

I love the Petrucci Ibanez.... choices choices choices

Compromise and get the Music Man John Petrucci. This one sports the same kind of color shifting finish as the custom I have on another thread.

i love those things, but more than i can spend at the moment. Unless of course, you know of where one is with a good price on it... I just saw one of those things on Ebay at $2500 and climbing. I've changed my original amount of a $500 limit, up to $1k.

I am very open to any suggestions! My wife came up with the great idea of nice guitars, for use as not only a collectable, but as decor. She came up with the idea after perusing one of my guitar mags, and suggesting one each of the classic guitar styles. I.E., Les Paul, Strat, V, etc. I've got the great Les Paul, and am now looking for something like what I mentioned, Ibanez (Petrucci model would be nice...), US Strat, the Wolfgang (US Peavey, or Music man), or that incredible Music Man Petrucci above.

RX, does that Petrucci above come with a bird eye maple? I love birds eye necks...

And another question, what would it cost for you to build something like the Wolfgang of Petrucci above? Flame, quilted, or irridescent like the one above? Would that go beyond my limit? 

I just went and looked at the one on Ebay for $2600, and it was being offered by a charity. So the damn thing is also a tax write off! you get an amazing guitar and a kick ass deduction, how sweet is that?

I have an Ernie Ball MM Axis Super Sport that I absolutely love. You can find a used one for less than $800. I think that the custom Dimarzio pickups on the MM kill the ones on the Peavey.

I can be competitive with $1000-$1500 guitars you will find. Depending on what features and finish you desire,we can build some cool stuff! For example:This body is $279 our cost.This neck is $262:Add Bridge,pickups,tuners,and misc.hardware, and you get $1000 in parts cost pretty fast. Add a full boat assembly and set up by me andyou can figure $1300-$1600 depending on various details.I feel like I offer a LOT of guitar for the money.