competing at mundial cost

can someone tell me how much competing at mundial would cost i will find out how much it cost to travel on my own talking about how much it cost to enter and average hotel cost

About 100 to register and depending on the type of hotel you want it would be about 300 bucks to stay. Try and get roommates! Holiday inn is decent out there. Phone Post

I stay at the Days Inn in Long Beach when I go. With rental car, hotel, flight, registration it usually runs a little under a grand. If they would release the schedule early, then you could plan to stay a shorter time but they don't so...

thanks guys

Close to $1000 if you include air fare (assuming you'd fly there).

depends on who you go with. For me its about 100 bucks in hotel for 3 days (roommates), 100 bucks to enter, and another 100 food and gas.

cost me around 500. Flying from SF to LA might be cheaper than where you are traveling from though. Phone Post

Need to factor in a rental car too.

I'm coming out of Arkansas and it'll cost about 1k for everything.

costs me about 200 round trip :)