Complete CQB Course

Wow, what an experience!!!!!!!

Firstly, i would like to thank Coach Blauer
for giving me the opportunity to attend,
assist and most of all, to learn. Not only as
a student but to grow and develop as an
instructor as well. Tony's ability to monitor
the entire classes progression through the
concepts, evaluate and then modify the
drills to accomadate thier learning curve
was inspiring to say the least!

Secondly, i wish to address the S.P.E.A.R.
System. This was the backbone of the training
and instruction provided to the members of
various S.W.A.T. Teams throughout the United
States and abroad. Although i can not
describe in detail the variations of this
System for Tactical Applications, i can
however tell you that the possibilities are
endless. Once you have embraced the
S.P.E.A.R. System and have the ability to
think outside of the box, you will soon
discover for yourself that it may be applied in every situaion, whether it is controlled or out of control. As was demonstrated by Phil recently in his MMA fight. Those of you
that still doubt the total impact of this
system, have to experience it first hand at a seminar or through privates. It is awesome!!

Thirdly, Coach Blauer and i spent alot of
time together which gives me a greater
understanding and appreciation of what he had
to overcome through the past 20 or so years
to bring us the level of expertise that we have grown to expect from him. His mind is
constantly working overtime, dreaming up new
concepts and ideas to try out. Unfortunately
most of them were tried out on my fragile
little body. Tony also continued to respond
to his e-mails and participate in the ME, as
well as maintain a strict diet and train
everyday. Usually dragging my sorry behind
out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to run and
work on our skills. Usually correcting and
improving mine, but i won't complain. As you
might have figured out for yourself, Tony
did all this on about three hours sleep a

I can go on forever and will in an article
that i am presently writing on the entire
experience for the LEO community which i hope
to forward to many of you in the coming

Finally i would just like to say that this
was an incredible experience as a result of
what Coach Blauer put into it. If anyone out
there has the opportunity to attend, host or
train personally with Tony, do it!!! Nothing
else will compare to hands on coaching that
you will receive. His video's and audio's
are fantastic, however he has the ability to
pick out the smallest detail and provide
constructive critism to correct it.

That's all for now.

Train Hard and Stay Safe


Oh yeah, one last this. I think that the
only thing more efficient then the SPEAR, is
Coach engaging and firing a semi-auto at
metal silouhettes. Although he doesn't have
the option of shooting on a regular basis,
he ability is uncanny. He outshot the
majority of Tactical Officers easily.

Something to think about.