Complete Guam results here!!!

1. Kultar Gill d. Dave Rivas via Choke at 1:10 of RD 2

2. Buck Greer d. LaVerne Clark via Triangle Choke at 1:03 of RD 2

3. Rich Clementi d. Eddie Yagin via Doctor Stoppage in RD 3

4. Adam Lynn d. Jason Medina via Submission at 2:05 of RD 2

5. Blake Fredrickson d. Justin Mercado via TKO at 2:55 of RD 1

6. Chris Burb d. John Cing via TKO at 1:40 of RD 1

7. Jeremy horn d. Cameron Brown via Choke at 3:05 of RD 1

8. Manny Chong d. Jay Santos via TKO in RD 3

suprised that Greer submitted Clark, although that has always been Clarks weak point.

Great win for Clementi in that Yagin is really tough. Yagin was a hand full for Shaolin and took him the distance. Clementi is very impressive lately with this win and also making it to the finals of the ZST tourney a few months back, decisioning a favored Kotani in the process.

Horn continues to be a submission machine. The dude was born to fight.

Thanks for results.

no prob. this guam organization is putting on some pretty solid shows. they should be getting some big props.

I am willing to bet that the Clementi vs Yagin fight was a lot of fun to watch.

Rich's fight with Sergei Golyaev is supposed to be one of the best in MMA history as far as excitement, but I havent seen it yet.

Rich just brings it every time he fights and is definitely one of the most exciting fighters to watch in the 155 division or any division for that matter.

anyone have a description of clementi/yagin? congrats to rich on yet another win.

this is all they had in the report I got of the Clemeneti/Yagin fight. It's not much. lol.

"In the night's other bouts, Rich "No Love" Clementi defeated Eddie "Filipino Phenom" Yagin by doctor's stoppage in the third round."


GUAM is surely the up and coming place for mma..

the shows are off the hook..

Congrats to Ridge

vincen, how come you never fought again when you were there?

No time..

I could only train twice a week..

( worked full time, went to school and had a newborn kid)

I wont fight unless i can train seriously..

plus the Boys wouldnt allow me to fight under The purebred banner if i wasnt trained properly.

ok...when you coming back...i forgot when you said!?

Great respect to Team Gibson fighters
Kultar Gill, Blake Fredrickson and Cameron

i leave SUNDAY

i hope you will be able to help us at the gym?

dont forget to call me when you get here...244-2355

remember, it was you and Larry that got me started at this...

you would be a big help vincen...even if only for one hour a month

let me know yeah

Time on the Horn fight was like 1:30... not 3:05.

I would be more than happy to help you guys...

call ME!! at my house.. Monday..

i want to start as soon as possible...

Congrats to Rich Clementi!