Complete list of mods proper name spelling please?

UGCTT_RickStorm -  Just for future reference, it's mrzipplokk, currently UGCTT_mrzipplokk 

Thank you . Phone Post

This thread is ghey.

If this is the kind of threads you make 24hrs was not long enough IMO.

If you bought this site I'd slap you and take it .

Then give it back to Kirik FOC. Phone Post

unfilter - 
jbuck1212 -  Grammer?

 what you say is only half as important as how you spel it.

lol wow

 If it was typo it wouldn't have been a problem obvioulsy, but i was not that or an autocorrect. I do however sometimes appreciate this high level of subtle trolling that some of you older guys are good at.

I have no idea how to program my autocorrect but now that Rick Storm has given the correct spelling it shouldn't be an issue as there isn't even a "c" in the name as I thought there was. I thought maybe it was referring to a zip clock , which is basically a stop watch used in zip line competitions .
Sometimes people make mistakes . Phone Post

 what if...