complete ROF results????

Not just Bangs fight but the whole card. How'd Cruz do?


Funny you should ask. There is a thread called ROF results... but only has one fight result on there. Bad name for the thread if you ask me.

Really? That sucks. I hate to see him lose. He'll be back though. Who'd he fight? how'd it look until the knee?

Everything's good! Training hard, staying healthy. Should be a good, tough fight. Wish me luck! Jay Jack


Sorry - the tread titled ROF results - Sam Morgan KO's Bang is mine.

I thought it would be clear I was just referring to the main event results - but I'm a relative newbie so maybe I'm allowed a little slack :-)

I'm afraid I don't know about any of the other results.

DAMN you MLG.... or should I say...KKM

I thought Cruz looked sharp before the knee. He looked relaxed, his defense was solid, and he was countering really well. I'm not sure how that knee got through, but I think it just hit him square on the nose as he was backing out of the clinch.