Compressed Nerve

Man, I’ve been dealing with this for over 3 weeks and it’s a lot less annoying/painful now… I’ve decided to hit the kettlebells again tonight because I can’t stand to lose anymore of my gainz!

I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow back at square one. But this shit is ridiculous! It’s behind my left arm behind my tricep and also somewhere in my left trap. First two fingers on my left hand start to tingle if I hold my arm a certain way. WTF. There was never one point that I knew I had done it… I just awoke one day to this fun pain I’ve been dealing with for a month.

Anyone else dealt with anything like this before?

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I like the electrical stimulation at the rehabilitation clinic

I tried acupuncture but it didn’t help.

Wal mart has a stimulator for 31.99

Really similar issue for me. Left arm, fourth and fifth fingers. I ignored it for 5 months and then one day when I was warming up on DL I completely lost my ability to grip the bar. Now I’m on week 2 of not lifting, sleeping fucking sucks and my entire arm just kind of feels dead.