compression locks/slicers/crushers

Alot of tournaments do not allow compression locks/slicers/crushers. Why is that and do you feel they should be allowed in tournaments the same as basic submissions. I understand the danger of heel hooks, twisting leg/ankle locks and cranks that make promoters nervous but are the muscle compression/slicers/crushers in that same category?

i think they are banned because they spread out the joint. so it's like no pain, no pain, then your dislocated.

i don;t think they should be banned but what do i know

Ive heard bicep slicers can snap forearms.

My knee is currently fucked up nicely thanks to a calf slicer and me being an fucking idiot..

IMO they shouldn't be banned, except maybe in beginner divisions..

i recently heard someone died from a bicep crush, he didn't tap for a while and eventually did, when he went home he ended up dying in his sleep or something due to a clot in his arm or something? I have no idea if it's true or not but i'll tap like a fucker next time someone gets me in one

I think it's because alot of people have the misconception that slicers are just "pain" moves, and won't tap to them. But under the right circumstances, an opponent can snap your forearm with a bicep slicer.

I know a guy who didnt tap to a bicep slice & his forearm snapped. But still, i think they should be legal. Anything can snap if you dont tap.

I was reffing a grappling match and saw first hand a forearm snap in half from a bicep slice. It was pretty damn nasty. It was like he had two elbows on one arm.

I think it adds another element to the game and as mentioned by the Revolution Fight Team, any submissions can cause damage if you don't tap in time. That was why I was curious that they are often banned moves.


I made the mistake of thinking an achillies lock was just a pain lock. Next thing I know i hear a pop and my foot swells up and looks like a sack of potatoes.

^^^ I thought an achilles lock was just a pain sub but didn't really do damage.

if you do the achilles lock right it will mess up your ankle bad and
make it feel like your foot is going to be pulled off. definitely more
than just pain -- even though that's all Bas Rutten ever says.

An Achilles lock can def cause damage.

"and me being an fucking idiot.."

A fucking idiot imo.

those are painful as hell

Maybe you guys can, but I can't think of any submission that doesn't have the potential to cause serious damage if executed completly or held on too long. That is why I wonder why compression/slicers/crushers are not allowed in most tournaments.

interested to what levels guys think they should be in?

All submissions have the potential to harm. And when you enter yourself into a competition you fully acknowledge the fact that you may get injured.
When you acknowledge that fact, you shouldn't have to be molly-cuddled by event organizers who don't want you to get hurt.

Compression locks, slicers, crushers, neck/back cranks, heel hooks, etc, should NOT be allowed in the beginner divisions.
But they most definitely should be allowed in the intermediate/advanced/absolute divisions.

Cheers, Maryanne.

"^^^ I thought an achilles lock was just a pain sub but didn't really do damage."

I have heard this time and time again from BJJ guys. Problem is that they are not doing it properly.