Computer Building Help

Hey, I was wondering if somebody could give me a good computer setup for inbetween $500-600. I dont need a monitor, soundcard (onboard 5 channel or 6 channel would be nice though), or speakers. Can somebody please help I dont know too much about building computers and I don't want to get parts that won't work with each other. Thanks

Are you a gamer? What do you need the computer to do?

I am going to need the computer for games, music, movies, recording music, and running applications such as Sonar.

Go with AMD.. that will shave some money right there.... and Choose a good mobo with Onboard sound... Look for a board with "Soundstorm" its supposed to be the shit. Get an ATI 9600 video card... you can get the pro or XT versions if you want to spend the extra cash, just don NOT get the SE version.

abit nf7 v2.0 (nforce2 with 6.1 soundstorm)

xp 2500+ (overclock it to 3200 speeds no probs)

512mb of pc3200 (add another stick later when you have more $$$)

9600pro(iv'e got a 9700 but that's going to take you over budget.)

this is a very good setup for the cost and i don't think you can find a better bang for the buck. I've just put this system together for myself and I'm very happy with it. The 6.1 sound on the nforce2's are much better than my old audigy card.

is this the right motherboard?

Here is what I gathered from price watch.

--with cpu - ATHLON XP 2600 Barton Core With Heatsink & Fan Complete Combo Kit $105.97

HiVal DVD Burner / 4x2x12x DVD±RW / 24x10x40x CD-RW / Dual Format - $80.00 after rebate

SEAGATE HDD 200GB 7200RPM EIDE HDD ATA100 8MB Cache OEM buffer

Mid Tower Aluminum Case with 450W ATX Power Supply case/ aluminum pannel $36.25

GENERIC 256MB PC2700 DDR333 333MHZ 184pin DIMM MEMORY. DDR SDRAM. 2 Sticks $52

VisionTek Xtasy 9600 256MB DDR AGP (VGA TV out DVI) OEM

BLACK 1.44 MB 3.5 Samsung Floppy Drive $8

Total price:$515.17
Does this setup sound ok? Is there anything else I should get or replace?

Get the 2500 over the 2600 because it has a stock front side speed of 166mhz over the 2600's 133mhz. It also has a larger on dye cache of 512kb over 2600's 256kb.

It might be a better idea to get 1 stick of 512mb instead of 2 256's. This way you can use dual channel if your mobo supports it(no matter what, you should get the nforce2 mobo as they're the best for the athlons)

can you please send me a link to the mother board? and as for the ram would it be better if I got this

I am thinking of getting a Seagate 160GB 7200RPM 8MB buffer harddrive instead. It is $89.99 at best buy so it would lower the total by $43. Does everything else look ok?

find the best prices in your area on these :

abit nf7
512mb of pc3200(generic is fine)
harddrive looks good

I would go with non-generic memory, personally.
Especially if you are going to overclock...

If he gets pc3200 it can be generic because it's guaranteed to run at 200fsb(stock 166fsb), which are 3200+ speeds. I do agree, however, that brand name ram is always better.

If I get the nForce it doesn't come with a processor, so which processor do you reccomend I get? Are they expensive? Are they easy to hook up?

Is this good ra

which board is better?


My friend says that the Soyo is better because it has Serial ATA

Is setting up the computer hard? putting the processor on and doing the whole bios thing? or do I just have to read the instruction booklet that comes with it?

Those are both good boards.. You might want to go with a motherboard/CPU combo though.

Maybe something like this?

I've always had good luck with Asus.

Putting the processor on the board isn't too hard. You should be fine just by following the instructions.

Holy shit, the NF7-S is only $70 now? It was still at $120 just a couple weeks ago. The AN35N is a good little board, but shit..for only a few bucks more, the NF7-S is better by a longshot.

Look at my first post and check for the lowest prices in your location. That's what I did, I drove to 3 different stores within half hour of each other and saved around 200 clams at the end.

If you buy the setup I recommended you can easily overclock it to 3200 speeds guaranteed. Even at stock the setup is proven gold. Find the prices on them and then see what you have left over. As stated above the abit nf7 series has dropped in price to make way for the new 64bit setups that are starting to make their way into the mainstream. The nforce2 mobos have 6.1 onboard sound so you won't need a soundcard either. Later on you can get yourself another stick of 512mb ram and run in dual channel.