Computer deals around $300??

I'm looking for computer for my mom. She has an older one, just bought a flat panel monitor and already has everything else she needs. She just needs a tower and $300-400 is about the price we would like to spend. If you have seen any good deals lately around that price let me know...


Do you want soemthing new or used?

I just found a deal on for Dell $400

DellSB - Dimension 2400 with Faster 2.66Ghz P4, 256MB DDR SDRAM, 48x CD-RW Drive, and 80GB HD for $399 after Rebate with FREE Shipping!

I emailed my mom and she told me to pull the trigger so I guess this is the one. I can't believe my mom is going to have a better comp than me... until HL2/Doom3 at least =)


US or Canadian Dollars

weak ram and video card.

yeah, definitely not worried about video card and memory is sufficient...

if you guys still have recommendations please post as nothing is final yet

Shuttle AN35N - $60

Athlon XP 2500+ OEM - $75

Coolermaster Aero 7+ - $35

Crucial PC3200 256 MB x2 = $86

WD 80 GB Special Edition - $68

RaidMax 208B Case w/350W supply - $38

Arctic Silver Ceramique - $8

Albatron FX5200EP - $61

Total - $431

All prices from, shipping included where applicable.

The XP 2500+ will easily overclock to 200x11 (XP 3200+ speed) with that mobo, memory and cooler...I have personally done it several times with no problems whatsoever. If you don't want to overclock, then save a few bucks and get the PC2700 memory instead of the PC3200.

This system would smoke that Dell system you posted. The video card is kind of shitty, but as long as the systems is just for business use, internet, email, etc, it will be fine. $400 isn't exactly a lot to play with.

You should be able to reuse the CD drive, keyboard, mouse, etc. from the old system. If you want a CD burner or DVD-ROM, I suggest checking out A lot of times, you can pick up CD burners and DVD-ROMS for free (or $10) after rebate from places like Best Buy, Fry's, Office Depot, etc.


Thanks for the info though as I may be upgrading or building a new system soon!


I knew someone was going to do the newegg thing.