Computer Forensics Specialist: need info please

Hello! All

Not sure if this question has come up, tried search and no info, but I would like some input on this field of computer forensics.

Have been reading and getting info, and there are some schools that have tailored programs around this certification. I understand a degree is not required at the moment, but I figured a degree track would increase one's chances of getting hired in lieu of no experience in the field of law enforcement.

-Is there anyone here currently in a related field?
-What school/training do you recommend?
-Is 50 years old too old for me to break into this field?

This is the governing body pertaining to this field:


I know one person who does that. He has about 30 years experience in IT most of it which is in computer security. Part of the job is going to court acting as an expert witness.

Been doing some further reading and it looks like if one isn't well networked you don't stand a chance at getting an entry level position.

I guess I'm gonna look at something else.