Computer Monitor/Display Help

Okay, let me first tell you all about the problem with a little background info on it and then I'll tell you some of the things I've tried. That way if it becomes to long you can just read what the problem is and then tell me some suggestions.

When I turn on my computer, everything starts up. Hard drives spin, CD-ROM lights blink, the lights on my keyboard blink, and the light on my KVM switch turns on so it knows that the system is on. However, my monitor doesn't flinch. Nothing, it just stays in sleep mode.

A little background. I installed a new combo drive (CD-RW/DVD-ROM), but it wasn't burning as fast as it should've been, it was maxing out at 10x when it's a 52x burner. So I moved it from being the master on the RAID channel (being used as extra IDE channels), to being the slave to my regular CD-RW on the second regular IDE channel. After doing this the computer wouldn't start up, it would start for a second I'd see it post and it'd say my CPU speed and the amount of RAM I have and then all the power would cut out. So I took out the battery for the CMOS to reset and used the reset jumpers. After that the computer would start, but if I tried to re-start it or shut it down, the next time it started it would go back to having the power cut out after a few seconds. So I'd constantly have to be taking out the CMOS battery just to get it to start (Fortunately the last time it started I backed up everything off my C drive onto an extra hard drive in my computer, and then backed it up again onto my external hard drive). Well I don't know what happened but after the last time of taking out the batter, now the computer appears to start but like I said the monitor wont turn on.

I don't think this is one of those times that the monitor is just being stupid and sitting in sleep mode, I think for some reason my computer might not be sending a signal to my monitor. I've never had a problem with this monitor getting stuck in sleep mode like you some times do with older monitors. But to be sure I tried a different monitor and the same thing happened. I then thought maybe it's my KVM switch so I plugged the monitor directly into my graphics card and the same thing happens (however, I left the keyboard and mouse plugged into the KVM switch, I don't know if that would be a problem for some reason or not, but I doubt it). I tried it with both monitors plugged directly into the graphics card. Now the extra monitor I have is an old 15" monitor that has in the past given my problems of being stuck in sleep mode so I don't know if that'd be a factor or what.

Around this time I also noticed that the fan on my graphics card wasn't spinning. I don't think this is a problem b/c I've had problems with the fan on it before (GeForce 2 MX) and had to replace the fan on it in the past. But to be sure I dropped in my old graphics card (Ati RAGE 128 of some sort), and I still get the same problem of the monitor not turning on, and again I tried both monitors plugged directly into the graphics card.

The computer will appear to start, it sounds like everything is running and going fine, all the right lights blink, but the monitor does not turn on or come out of sleep mode at all. Also, there are no beeps when I try to start it up.

Sorry this is so lengthy but I wanted to give background information and list some of the things that I've tried so that people don't ask what led up to it or what I've tried.

Any help or suggestions you all could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, sicko

C'mon, anyone?

Last night I didn't have much time to work with it, but I figured since maybe taking out the battery to clear the CMOS might have caused it, maybe something happened then, so I took out the battery again, hoping to fully clear it back to its defaults but the same problem still exists. I tried it again with both monitors and both graphics cards, this is getting really frustrating. I don't think i'm going to have a chance to haul my monitors and/or computer over to a friends house till later this weekend but I still have my brother constantly asking me when the computer is going to be up and running, so I'm hoping to have it fixed ASAP

When you changed/swapped the cd drive and the harddrive did you make sure you changed the jumper on the back of the drivers. You need to make sure you change the master/slave so windows detects them properly. After you do this go into the bios and make sure that the ide drives are set on "AUTO" and they are detected properly by the bios. I just bought a combo drive and had some major problems getting it to work properly. I spent around 4 hours taking everything apart and putting it back together to make sure I did everything right. Nothing worked until I reinstalled the IDE drivers.

Try reinstalling the mobo drivers or IDE drivers again if the first suggestion doesn't work.

let me know how it goes.

Do you have integrated video on your MB?