Comrie a Flyer

Watch out the best in the east just got better

no shit, i think that is the sleeper deal of the year

way to go flyers

I think they are stacked in front, like always playoffs will come down to goaltending

Philly's gonna sign and move either him, or one of their other centers.Whose place will Comrie take? They're pretty stacked at center as is, i can't see him making them much better than they already are,i mean who is he so much better than that they already have up the middle?

he is young and that counts for a lot

they'll have a kick ass group of centers and then move one if they have any glaring problems as the season progresses

I still think they gots somethin brewing.They didn;t give up anything off the roster to get him so i wouldn't be surprised if they get a D man or something for him..Maybe pry Hamrlik away from NYI since they seem to be considering offers for him.I think they'll trade Comrie once they sign him.

i want hamrlik in needs him badly