Conan exiles horde?

Alright fellas this game is kind of amazing. At first I thought it was total shit because of the bad patching mechanics. But now that that is fixed. It's going to be awesome. Anyone else up for bringing the horde to one of these servers. The biggest clan size I saw was 20 People. I have a discord server we could all use. My steam I'd is Obg.

Sounds good I'll add you when I get back home in a few hours. There are 5 of us so far. I chased the YouTuber jessiekatt around for 2 hours the other night yelling at her to look at my dick. While jumping and waving that giant ridiculous hog right in her face Lololol. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard or had so much fun in a game before.

B17 - We doing this or what fuckface
I added you back bro

Is this just an Ark clone?

HaMMerHouseFAN -

Is this just an Ark clone?

With dicks, huge physics-based dicks.

Looking forward to the Xbox version. I've been watching slipgator play some. Looks fun.

I was wondering how far you can go with it once you have got the higher end weapons and thralls.

I've been amusing myself playing 7 days to die. Although I've run out of steam on that as once you have a gun a bike and some clothes there isn't much left to aim for.

You guys all playing on Xbox One?