Conan fought Jonathan Ivey recentl

I just read a post from Lawdy Mama saying that Conan Silveira had a fight against Jonathan Ivey 6-8 weeks ago (which Conan won). I wasn't aware of this. What event was this in ? Was it a closed door match @ ATT ? Any vid or details of this fight ??

it was end of March and check the other thread - gave you details to the thread.  lm

also just checked the details off FCF - 3:10 of Rd 2 - TKO - Panther Fight League (?) out of Miami on March 31, '07 - "Conan" Marcus Silveria wins.

Nice win! In all the clips ive seen of ivey he looks like a douche.

he's actually not.  he's pretty cool but the boy ain't right....I still like him.  lm

His people's elbow is still the greatest single move in the history of MMA.

Is there a video or pics up anywhere ? What did Conan weigh in at for this one ?

Panther Fight League

go to media. Go to pics.

Will a vid of this fight be available...ever ?

From the sounds of the recap Conan looked good and technical. I'd like to see it.