Conan vs. Elric

Assuming you guys know who Elric is, how would this battle go?

Yes, Elric has Stormbringer, as well as his magic.

In Marvel though...I'm talking a breakdown of potentials, not the political ending.

I like this match most of all sword and sorcery guys because imo, these are the peak guys. Both are extremely intelligent, but Elric is inherantly physically crippled without his sword or drugs and has a tendency to fuck things up for himself. But he has a badass sword, a serious inventory of gods who owe his family favors, and a heredity of ingrained cruelty.

No, fury2feed, he's right - Elric did a 2-parter back in the early days of Conan, it's in the black and white "Marvel Masterworks" or whatever they call it, it has s/t like the first 25 or so issues of Conan.

Fight was a draw, and I remember Conan being shocked that a scrawny little dude like Elric was actually the same strength as he (Conan) was....

The 'draw' was just a political ending because I'm sure Mike Moorcock wouldn't allow his character to get whooped so they likely made it a draw.

He's a master swordsman, trained from birth by the world's greatest teachers, a great strategist, and an even more skilled sorcerer, who basically summons up spirits and old gods/devils to either pay him for a favor they owe his ancestors or ask a favor in return for some future sacrifice. He has a powerful demonic deity patron Arioch, and his big, bloodthirsty, soul sucking sword that can smash through about anything. I doubt Conan could outlast him because he is fed energy by his sword.

Conan definetly have his work cut out for him, but it might come down to where the battle was held and who got the initiative.

Well, the sword does need to suck life from people, but it always gives him an ample supply of energy. unless he hasn't killed in a month or so, but unless it sustains him, he is a helpless cripple who can barely stand. It also enhances his speed and sword technique. Meaning if he fucks up in a fight, it senses the mistake and swiftly acts to correct it for him.

yeah, it may come down to wits and suprise...but a weird factor is Elric's bad luck. He has fucked up luck and tends to ruin his life on a regular basis whereas Conan seems to always fare well. that could be a factor.

well, D of S was pretty bad, and had a magic sword, and did beat conan in a sword fight, but Conan outsmarted him at last minute and suprise-killed him.

There have been a few guys with both, although they ellude me at the moment. but Elric is like Conan in the sense he is a rare breed. A big timer.

Isn't Conan fucked if he gets hit by that sword...

Well, not a glancing shot, the arm or leg or something. It still sucks some energy from him, but he's not fucked, especially since Conan has a lot of life in him. But if it gets him in the trunk or neck/head, it latches onto his essence and sucks the soul out of him. It's definetly
a serious threat to deal with, not just a typical magic sword. It is intelligent and cruel as well.

But it can shatter swords and sheild, armor and stuff so if he tried to defend by a solid block instead of a parry, it might smash through the weapon or armor and get him. Depends on how much Conan knew about him going into the fight.

Didn't we establish in the other thread that Conan is more powerful then Secret Wars Beyonder?


'Didn't we establish in the other thread that Conan is more powerful then Secret Wars Beyonder?'

lol yeah. I was hoping this would take off as an Elric thread.

The last book in the Elric saga was so fucking grim, it made the Cthulhu stories look like Pippi Longstocking....

What about something like Drizzt vs Elric? Through from what I've heard Drizzt may be getting into Wolverine/Conan territory.

'The last book in the Elric saga was so fucking grim, it made the Cthulhu stories look like Pippi Longstocking...'

True that. That whole story was just riddled with heartbreak and regret. So by the end of the saga, he just has so much fucked up shit and mistakes on his concience as well the world becoming undone. Heavy shit.