Concealed Holsters

I will be looking for a concealed holster for a SIG P228, to be worn incountry next year. Any good ideas for a hot climate? I am thinking of PagerPal, any personal experiences?

have no idea about the Pager Pal but I have seen some for sale on another board.

Couple decisions to make... leather or kydex?

leather is softer and looks better. Will wear less on your weapons finish with multiple presentations. Also requires more care to keep clean and dry. Leather will also retain moisture, so keeping the weapon oiled is important. A quality leather holster will secure the weapon very well, but a poorly made one will really suck. You get what you pay for here.

kydex is more durable and stiff. Quality kydex holsters secure the weapon very well with a slight audible 'snap.' kydex will be much rougher on your weapons finish with multiple presentations... even on Glocks and HKs with their strong finishes there is kydex wear and on the P228 I think it will show even more. Kydex does not retain moisture and is very easy to care for.

For beater guns that you treat like a tool and for frequent field/boonies carry I'd go with kydex. For carry around the city, etc. where you most likely won't be subject to mud, rain, lots of sweat, etc. then leather would probably fine.

Then you look at the method in which you will carry... it sounds like you are looking for an inside the waistband style holster. The fastening method will be important as well... snap loops are (IMO) the best for belt carry as they allow for easy on/easy off of the holster yet will still retain the weapon very well. With sewn loops, you have to thread the belt through the loops, which is kind of a PITA but you do have maximum holster retention... but if you are in a situation where the snaps fail then with the sewn loops the pistol might just become dislodged first.

Clip style holsters work relatively well but IMO are less secure than the snap loops. They are easy on/easy off and will also work without a belt provided your pants aren't weighed down too much by the weapon... e.g. I used to carry a G27 with a clip style holster and it worked fine with sweats (no belt) because it was so light. Holster was a kydex Predator IWB.

Once you decide which of these options you want, it will greatly refine your search. Because my only concealed weapon is a P7 and isn't suited for boonie carry, I decided on a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2. The exact holster/pistol combo is shown here - (oops, I guess I lost my html) The fact that the snap loops are far away from the holster makes it flatter than if the attachment mechanism were right on top of the pistol itself... it also works to distribute the weight of the P7 over a wider area...

for kydex holsters, you can check out places like PRedator, Comp-tac, Blade-tech, etc... again, lots of options.


Good response krept.

I use a predator. i've had one break on me but it was after a
year or so. They replaced it for free.


funny, I had the predator break on me as well... was wearing rope for a belt Huck Finn style and tried to slip the clip over it and it snapped off... I ended up grinding the excess kydex off flat, putting some of the synthetic surfboard traction (trac-top?) on the outside and using it as a pocket holster.


Thanks guys
It will be a service weapon, so finish is no biggy. Looking for something as comfortable as possible while still being utilitarian.

I have a pager pal, so I think I can give you a fairly honest and decent appraisal of it

Pros: It conceals well, even if you are wearing a light shirt, or no shirt at all. Even for larger guns (I carry a Glock 19)

It's the most comfortable concealed carry holster I've ever worn. Walking, standing, or sitting.

Cons: Presentation is slower than some other holsters. The guy that sold me on it at the gunshow could draw his in sub 2 seconds.

One handed draws require more time, but can be done in a fairly quick manner if you practice it enough.

Your undergarments can play a role in your draw times. I've been practicing before and had the butt of my gun catch on my boxers during a draw sequence. End result, in the comfort of my own home with an unloaded gun.... I get a wedgie.
In a dark parking lot with a thug with a gun or knife in front of me.... I get a wedgie AND either a sudden massive increase of lead in my diet, or I learn what it's like to be a fish.

I've never had a problem with clothing during draws if I'm wearing briefs.