concerned about this UFC movie

Hollywood is normally not a vehicle used to educate and enlighten people. Hollywood is normally a vehicle used to shock people, offend people and propogate popular beliefs with the sole intentions getting asses in the theatres and thus maximing your $$$.

Now today we read that the New York Post describes the UFC movie as...

"...combatants engage in bloody, bare-knuckle brawls in an octagon-shaped ring."

Please, oh please tell me they got their facts wrong.

Zuffa's got a dilemma here. Who's going to want to produce a movie showing the beauty of MMA? Would anyone (aside from us) want to watch it? Probably not. If they produce a movie like the New York Post describes above, they'll turn a quick buck but it may set our sport back another 10 years.

Violence is NOT a viable long term strategy. I sincerly believe that and will continue to say that in my posts, my articles and on my website until I am blue in the face.

Kind Regards,
Marco Antico

The Ferritta's won't allow it to be made into a "Bloodsport" type film. They are the executive producers.

Nothing to worry about.

Maybe it will be like that Van Damme movie, BloodSport, & people will want to see the real thing. Then they will find out that it's a  G R E A T sport & nothing barbaric about it at all!

*wonders where to put all the NEW fans*

I think the times have changed since the media crackdown on the UFC. I've noticed more and more violence (as well as more swearing, more body parts etc) being allowed on regular television.

"Reality TV" is the biggest thing now with everyone from porn stars to rock stars being engaged in this type of thing. I saw something like over 200 reality tv shows are planned for next year.

While the UFC was originally a banned "spectacle", mass media has become nothing but a "spectactle" and I imagine this is going to go over well, especially with the tie-in to the show they're producing as well as the UFC live events we watch.

I regret the uninformed viewership that will follow. But haven't we been crying for it to be a "mainstream" sport from the beginning?

I just hope that the fighting is even remotely realistic.

can we stop whining about public perception and just enjoy the fucking sport now? Enough evil people are making money off of MMA now. it's sanctioned in Nevada and New Jersey. It's not getting banned. Calm the F down. If I have to read another "concerned" posts or see somebody like Tito Ortiz reassure a gore starved audience that UFC is safer than boxing, I'm gonna hurl. THAT is gonna get the shit banned, cause nobody will want to watch it.

Zuffa could have commercials stating "see if finally, FINALLY, A FIGHTER IS BRUTALLY the OCTAGON!!!" in a monster truck rally voice, you could have every concerned _____ group speaking their concerns, and guess what? Still not getting banned.

"...combatants engage in bloody, bare-knuckle brawls in an octagon-shaped ring."

"Please, oh please tell me they got their facts wrong."

I have yet to see a mainstream media outlet describe our sport correctly so this latest one comes as no shock.