concerned about weak scoring

Can any referees explain to me why the IJF is getting so damn liberal with scoring now a days? Do they think it helps judo by having what used to be yukos now being called ippon? Imho it only degrades the level of competition and the beauty of judo. Now you see people throwing a guy on there ass and pushing them to their back and getting ippon! Competitors can't make a single mistake now a days because the smallest little throw could very well end the match. As an instructor it's especially hard to try to explain to a kid why they lost to what essentially was equivalent to a trip. I've been watching some footage from the 1984 and 1992 olympics. The ippon back then was truly impressive to see. Today an ippon is rather anti-climactic. From a viewers standpoint it's rather dull. If judo is going to grow, the IJF needs to take a close look at this. We already have pretty much deleted the need for good ne waza and now we are threatening the one thing we had going for us, huge slamming ippons.

Do away with yuko and waza-ari, IMO, although it's probably too late for that.

As some of you know, I am a kendo man what does judo on the side (mostly on my side - falling on my side, that is, hohoho). Anyway, in kendo there is only ippon, and there are three judges - two of the three have to agree on the point for it to be valid. If only judo were like this.

Although, to be fair, I'm sure there are excellent refs out there, and a lot of mediocre or bad ones.

I would say do away with yuko and koka, except in OT.

ttt? Has this been done to death? IMO it may be one of the most important topics in judo.

Why would you do away with yuko and waza-ari and keep koka? Or is it a typo?

Ogami, I agree that this may be one of the most important issues. When new students ask about how to win a match, I explain the scoring system. I explain the concept of ippon and how you must throw someone with impact on their back. Then the new student competes and gets rolled over and ippon is called. Do you think they get a little discouraged? Parents wonder why the heck they waste their time going to tournaments and you lose students to competition and eventually from judo period. It's hard enough growing judo, but now we shoot ourselves in the foot with the people we already have.

I believe it's make it more appealing to spectators.

More scores = more spectator appeal.

Compare the appeal of basketball compared to soccer.

Basketball = mad amounts of appeal AND tons of scoring.

Soccer = mad appeal only to strange foreigners and limp-wristed suburbanites and hardly any scoring at all.

or alternatively, it could be the most popular sport on the planet way beyond the dreams of anything you could possibly conceive in the NBA????

To clarify, I meant = only ippon, nothing else.

Kimodo, I agree with you. As for making it more spectator-friendly - Bah. Never gonna happen. Besides, what looks cooler than a big slamming ippon?