Condit: I will take another fight

Carlos Condit says he will take another fight before facing GSP-Diaz winner and interested in Jon Fitch. You can listen at

BJ Penn please

^ this Penn Condit would be my choice also. Great fight.

I'd hate to see a FIGHTER like Condit lose to a POINTER like Fitch.

Penn/Condit 5 round Main Event??


demonbasketball04 - Penn/Condit 5 round Main Event??


Yup Phone Post

Like the Condit/Penn main event better than a Fitch fight for either

demonbasketball04 - I'd hate to see a FIGHTER like Condit lose to a POINTER like Fitch.

If he takes that fight, he will be wrestlefucked out of contention.  



 fitch is a bad choice, he will beat condit and ruin his title shot

i'd love to see Condit fight and hopefully beat fitch, Condit bj over 5 rounds wouldnt be pretty, i think Condit finishes it.

I want to see Condit fight for the title, not get laid on for 15 minutes by Fitch ;(

Please no Comdit vs. Penn!! Two of my favorite fighters and I don't want either to lose!!

Penn vs. Fitch II


Condit vs. Shields to avenge loss Phone Post

The Condit/Penn would be more exciting and a lot of people dont like Fitch's style and I think that is one of the thing that hurts him in the publics eyes

^^ Condit, not Comdit.. Stupid big fingers on little keys Phone Post

it happens buddy

condit vs. fitch

I think he can/should be able to beat Fitch, and then Fitch won't feel like he's being ripped off of a title shot...and if Fitch wins he deserves another title shot.

He should be able to finish Fitch or win a decision, he wins the fight either way

Fitch should fight Koscheck and Condit should fight BJ penn.

No way Fitch faces Koscheck, I talked to Koscheck before he faced GSP and he said no way he d ever fight Fitch. Condit/Penn seems to be the consensus. its a money fight that people want to see