Condit: I will take another fight

not many people want to see it is hitting it right on the head. Time to see some new guys get a chance at title contention

Suspect - I'm not interested in seeing Fitch fight any up and coming guys.

this speaks volumes because i think it's probably a common sentiment.

I'm interpreting this as has been alluded to in other posts on this thread...not Fitch because he'll win. which wouldn't be bad but nobody believes fitch can be champ...and no one wants to see a fighter like Fitch be champ despite him being almost unbeatable.

What you people never seem to understand is that if Condit and Fitch fight, it is each fighters responsibility to dictate the fight his way and if condit wants to win, he must be able to defend the wrestlefucking. It takes two to fight. If he can't have defense for fitch's offense, it's on him. Not fitch. Phone Post

I think fitch vs condit is a good matchup...condit has good card and pace and if he wins he will win over the consistent #2 welterweight and a person that no one had else beat in the ufc besides gsp...that's a great W for his career and the L wouldn't be so terrible as fitch is a grinding monster and has defeated or tied everyone else Phone Post

good points

I think they should fight. If a fighter can't beat Fitch who's saying they could have a hope to beat GSP? What is Fitch supposed to do? Just crush cans and let people take free runs past the #2 or #3 fighter in the division?

Fitch is still due another title shot and beating Condit would only solidify that. I like BJ Penn as much as anybody, but Fitch is more worthy of a title shot at WW. You can't have Penn and Condit fight for a #1 contender spot when Fitch is already the #1 contender. He needs to be in that fight against either opponent to validate the resulting title shot for the winner.

LOL at people with Penn and Condit leap-frogging Fitch for a title shot without beating him. You can't just take him out of the equation because you don't like the way he fights. If that was the case GSP would be on the undercard....

I'd rather see Shields vs. Fitch and Condit vs. Penn.

Condit did bring up in the interview he d like to face shields as well and avaenge his loss. Go to to check out my interview with Condit

steven0925 - No way Fitch faces Koscheck, I talked to Koscheck before he faced GSP and he said no way he d ever fight Fitch. Condit/Penn seems to be the consensus. its a money fight that people want to see

Koscheck may fight Leben at 185. That's what I heard/read last week.

Im hearing Leben vs Koscheck as well but BJ Penn just put on Twitter to Fitch that Joe Silva isnt booking the fight because the fans arent interested and he isnt interested in regards to Silva

Brenneman is an interesting choice but with this breaking news about Penn and Fitch, it could be Penn/Condit