Condit should have stood in front of Diaz!!

Wtf was Carlos thinking?! He should have brawled with Diaz and play into Nick's strengths.

What a little bitch for using footwork and not letting Nick enforce his style of fighting. I don't care if he has one of the highest finish rates in the UFC, Condit is a point fighter.

Derp! Phone Post

Yup, the only way to fight someone is to stand straight in front of them and wing punches


A+, would read again

that guy used to fight to win

what a fucking disgrace

Derp! Phone Post

lezby honest. nobody won that fight tonight. nobody did any damage and nobody got hurt. so lets call it a draw.

if you have to pick a winner, i say give it to diaz. at least he TRIED to start a fight. the only problem was that his opponent kept running away. Phone Post