Condit VS GSP Whose Corner is Jackson in?

GSP is the favorite and better fighter, but Condit is from Alburqueque..

Who side will Jackson be on? Or will he step aside?

 he will be in neither corner I bet

he'll be up in a box eating shrimp like a boss 

He will step aside, atleast for the duration of the match(source: some semi-recent interviews). Don't really know if he'll still train Condit during the camp or will Winkeljohn just take over.

condit. gsp is at Tristrar Phone Post

TimeConsumer - Was it ever confirmed or denied that GSP left Jackson's? I expect Firas to be in GSP's corner and Jackson to be in Condit's.

Firas will be in GSP's corner I would assume, but Jackson has said that he won't be cornering either fighter.