Condit vs. GSP

maybe someone has already posted this, but what about Condit? Seems to have some really good stand up, solid BJJ. Has beaten Renato, Trigg, Chilo and Larson.
I think this would be a great fight!

Sounds intrigueing.  Nice fight.  That guy doesn't get enough attention.  His armbar over Larson was slick as hell.

I agree. He seems to be virtually ignored on the threads, but he has a solid record, some big wins and a good skill set.

GSP would be the favorite for sure but it would be a great matchup. One of the best I can think of in the weight class.

let's face it, GSP would be the favorite over anyone at 170 after that dismantling of Hughes. But I would love to see the Natural Born Killer tear him up!

would be a great fight

Condit is a tough matchup for anyone. I'd love to see him fight Fitch. Not sure if he's ready for GSP just yet.

GSP all the way.He is better at every aspect of MMA IMO.

this is seriously laughable. Condit is great and will make alot of noise in the future, but c'mon, how can he give GSP anything but a light workout?

if all else fails (which it won't) gsp takes him down over and over and gnp's him to a pulp.

Agreed GSP would wipe it up with Condit

condits one of my fave fighters.i dont think he can beat gsp but it would be a great fight.i think gsp is unbeatable if it wasnt for that bj and matt serra fight.

^ ?? BJ?! BJ didn't beat him.

I think it would be a interesting fight, but I, like almost everyone else, would have to go with GSP.. he is just to good right now

condit belongs in the ufc but not in the octagon with gsp.

"takes him down over and over and gnp's him to a pulp."

How pulpy was Koscheck after 15 minutes of GSP's ground and pound?

I love condit and all but he's totally not ready for GSP. Look at his record for the last few years.

Win Brock Larson Submision (Armbar) WEC 29 - Las Vegas 8/5/2007 1 2:21

Win John Alessio Submission (Rear Naked Choke) WEC 26 - Las Vegas 3/24/2007 2 4:59

Win Kyle Jensen Submission (Rear Naked Choke) WEC 25 - Las Vegas 1/20/2007 1 2:10

Win Tatsunori Tanaka KO (Stomps) Pancrase - Blow 9 10/25/2006 1 2:13

Win Takuya Wada Submission (Kimura) Pancrase - Blow 7 9/16/2006 3 4:22

Win Koji Oishi TKO (Cut) Pancrase - 2006 Neo-Blood Tournament Finals 7/28/2006 3 1:01

Loss Pat Healy Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Extreme Wars 3 - Bay Area Brawl 6/3/2006 3 2:53

Loss Jake Shields Decision (Unanimous) ROTR 9 - Rumble on the Rock 9 4/21/2006 3 5:00

Win Frank Trigg Submission (Triangle Armbar) ROTR 9 - Rumble on the Rock 9 4/21/2006 1 1:22

Win Renato Verissimo TKO (Strikes) ROTR 8 - Rumble on the Rock 8 1/20/2006 1 0:17

He's got legit wins over Alessio, Trigg, Verissimo and Larson but none of those guys is really on GSP's level right now. Keep in mind he got beat by Pat Healy just over a year ago. I think that was more of a bad loss that everybody has much like GSP's loss to Serra but still...

I'd say somebody like Nick Thompson, Karo, Diego, or maybe Akihiro Gono would be a better match up right now.

Not to say GSP wouldn't be a good fight but Condit hasn't really earned that fight yet.

Word up orcus

This would be a good fight I think, different than the others, I say Condit slaps him around on the feet, gets taken down, sweeps, and finishes GSP.

Condit by mental superiority, I bet GSP would break under his stare. plus he too has an older woman in his corner.

GSP couldnt even finish kos

when the fuck is GSP all of a sudden some kind of unbeatable MMA superhero??

The guy is good but far from invincible, Condit is alot better on the feet and has a very good ground game.. if nothing else its interesting just on the skill match ups..

Condit is good, no doubt, but if they're going to bring someone in from outside, I'd rather it be Jake Shields who beat Condit pretty easily.

Obviously GSP has worked hard on his subs since the Koscheck fight, unless you think that Hughes' BJJ is that much worse than Koscheck's. Also, you guys talk like Koscheck is easy to finish or something.