Condit vs Lawler?

Condit probably still has a fight or 2 to go but if he does as he usually does, and tips through people, could he beat this version of Lawler?

Condit is dangerous. And also has a chin made of fucking granite.

Would be an amazing war. Love Condit. One of my top 3 favorites. But have also liked Lawler a while and last night the heart he showed made my respect level even higher. Phone Post 3.0

Condit should get the next title shot. Nobody wants to see Lawler Hendricks III.

So who would take it? Phone Post 3.0

I would love to see this fight. I love Robbie, but I believe Condit would pull it off. He's such a tactician. Phone Post 3.0

Condit is a cardio machine. The longer the fight goes the more I think he takes it. But my opinion is bias since he's one of my favorite fighters.