Condit wants fights with Diaz, Daley, or Shields

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                                Condit wants fights with Diaz, Daley, or Shields

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I'm looking to hopefully fight Jake Shields to get that loss back," Condit said at a Friday Q&A session for UFC Fight Night 24. "Now with the Strikeforce merger, possibly Nick Diaz."

The one opponent who Condit is calling for, Daley, has been exiled by the UFC after throwing a late punch at Josh Koscheck at UFC 113. It is yet to be seen what UFC president Dana White would do if Strikeforce and the UFC were to merge.

"I was supposed to fight Paul Daley a while back. I got staph infection in my hand and had to pull out of the fight. There's some unfinished business there. I like that fight." said Condit.

Condit's next opponent is unknown. Condit was suppose to fight against Chris Lytle at UFC 127 but had to pull out due to a knee injury. Condit had dislocated his knee and did not require surgery.

"I'm still waiting to hear [who I'll fight next]," Condit said. "I think there's some good welterweight fights coming up. When those happen, it will clear up the picture a little bit, and I might have a better idea."

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Condit/Diaz and Condit/Daley would be quality but Shields would just wrestlegrap the living fuck out of Carlos. Phone Post


I was thinking Condit/Alves or Condit/Rumble

I wish the Condit Daley fight had happened, Daley talked a lot of shit about Carlos and I would have liked to see how that would've played out

Condit shouldn't take too much confidence from KO'ing Hardy though, Daley is a whole different animal to stand and exchange with.

If he fights smart though, he has more than enough tools to dispose of Semtex Phone Post

I'd most like to see Condit vs. Diaz or Daley. Not super interested in a rematch with Hardy and him being dry humped by Shields for 3 rounds.

Condit vs N. Diaz would be SICK

 Condit Vs. either Diaz would be sick. 

Condit vs Nick Diaz is a classic fight that needs to be made.