Conditioning for BJJ torunament

Conditioning for BJJ tournament

I need expert advice...
How to have great Conditioning for BJJ tournament..
Of course alot of rolling..

The thing is i cant do sprints (back problems) and dont have time for swimming so i anyone can give me a good substitute for sprinting...


I would highly reccomend Taku's Intervals on a Schwinn Air Dyne or a Versa Climber. I had ACL reconstruction last year and I could not run so I went on Taku's program and had tremendous results.
I'm completely healed now and I'm still on his program.

Find out how long the rounds are. Assume the matches are 5 min.

Break your conditioning into rounds. Do some rounds that are slightly longer than your competition time to account for the greater fatigue of competition and the fact that there might be an overtime.

Do some rounds that are 5 minutes long.

Do some rounds that are 2-3 minutes but higher intensity and with an active rest period.

Do some rounds that are REALLY high-intensity for 30 sec to 1 min.

You need to be able to exert yourself full on for the entire duration of the match. Additionally, you need to be able to do this 4 or 5 times because if you win your first match you'll go again. If it is a normal sized tournament to get first place you'll end up fighting anywhere from 3-5 times.

Use a variety of training techniques:

Jump Rope
Rowing Machine
Grappling Movements
Medicine Ball Exercises
DB or KB exercise circuits
BB complexes

Just some ideas.

Brian Jones
KAGI Sports, Inc.

dynamo-Thanks for the kind words.

Air-Dyne, VersaClimber, Eliptical walker with Arm attachments, Nordic Track, See if you can find one or all of these. Even a regular bike or stationary bike/recumbent bike will work.


P.S. I juat posted the infamous PHASE 4 on C-hamzeh thread "Takus 4 Week Crash Course"

Taku--I don't have kind words for you regarding PHASE 4. The things I think and say about you while I'm doing it would make a sailor blush.

Thanks a lot guys...

Where can i find takus intervall programs,i've heard really good things about it..

TAKU - is biking on a stationary bike good like 1 minute normal then all out 30 seconds ,30 seconds easy then 30 seconds all out on the bike...

Thanks a lot..

That is one of many ways that could work for you.



For Taku's Intervals go to: