Conditioning the shins

I have heard differing opinions on shin conditioning. Some say just kick the heavy bag a lot, while others recommend deadening the nerves by rolling bottles or a rolling pin over them. I have read that the latter methods can cause permanent damage. Thoughts??

Heavybag, heavybag, heavybag...

They're both right. No tricks, just time and hard work.

I would recommend progressing from a relatively light, soft-filled bag until you're ready for the solid, harder bags. Don't injure yourself, because it will take longer to recover.

chok dee khup.

The key points are "toughen" and "conditioning," not "deaden." You need to "toughen" and "condition" those shins by kicking the heavy bag and thai pads. It's a gradual process. Your shins and muscles in your legs will become stronger and will be able to take more impact.

If you just "deaden" them by rolling pins and bottles, you're only killing nerves. You're not making them stronger, but weaker. You'll end up breaking your leg because not only will your leg be unable to take the impact, you won't know how much damage you caused cuz the nerves are all dead.


I've also heard you should piss on them. Ok now that you have finished laughing, has anyone else heard this?

I know a few people that have heard this works, and believe it has something to do with the antiseptic qualities of urine.
None of them have admitted to doing it.

No, you piss on jellyfish stings.... not your shins.

pissand is right. over in thailand (here now) they dont condition it other than pad work (those things arent soft!!) and bagwork. they spar with shinpads on as well.