conditionning the jab

When I shadowbox or do bag work by jabbing shoulder gets tired faster and tends to have a dull pain from being tired.This causes me to drop my left hand quite a bit during sparring.What can i do to specifically condition my jabbing shoulder?

Good advice.

Miller, I work with and have taken many whippings in sparring with a former 6 time soviet national champion. One training trick he showed me was to always jab up on the bag. What I mean is to imagine that you're jabbing at Shaq. Throwing them this high will really burn your shoulders out in a hurry, but it also helps with your stamina. When I throw regular jabs in sparring now, it much easier.

I have heard that hand stand pushups are good for building the muscles that keep your hands up

I use to do tight arm circles. After a few minutes your arms are very tired. I felt it improved my jab speed and the ability to keep my hands up.

When i 1st started boxing my trainer would let us do any boxing till we could skip for 10 mins no stop!!! Then we moved to the jab and untill we had master that punch we wernt allowed to move to the right hand, then master the right hand ect ect!!!
Just go back and jab, jab and jab until you build the strength up in your arm, also agree with trying hand wights. I sometimes will put 16 oz gloves on for a round or 2 and then take them off and go back to lighter gloves, bag mitts or no gloves if shadow boing and i find my hands fell tons lighter so i can hold them higher and throw them faster!!!

Instead of just jabbing straight out and straight back, what I've found helpful is to try and make the motion of your jabs flow from one to another in a slight circular motion. The slight circular motion should be so small that it just looks like a normal jab. What this does is when you jab repeatedly, the motion of your jabs don't have a clear start or a stop, therefore you don't have friction acting against your arm.

I also do what chadk mentioned, ie. jab up in training. When you do this fast repeatedly, you'll find you'll naturally put a slight loop to your jabs to make it flow.

All the advise above is great, lots of shadow work, lots of bag work, it takes a while but you will start to improve.

One thing though, I don't like throwing punches with handweights as it increases the chance of an injury

Better bet is to use a strip of theraband to add resistance.

One thing I was always trained to do is to spar only
using the jab for several rounds. This keeps your fundamentals sharp and conditiones the jab side. In
addition utilize slips, catches, and other defensive
maneuvers in your jab sparring. One other tip as soon as you start to fatique with the jab vary your rythm of throwing it, double and tripple it up.

if jabbing with weights - be careful about overdoing it. i think 3 lbs may be safe, but anything over that may be detrimental to your jab. just my opinion.

I just use 18oz sparring gloves for everything...and that jabbing up is correct. I'm short so I assume every boxer is taller than me. So I jab high. It HURTS!!!!! But hopefully it pays off.