Conducting Job Interviews

I'm going to start running some interviews at work this week as part of my new job and I'm looking for input on different methods. What are some things you guys do to make people relax? What kinds of questions do you find useful to ask and for what purpses? Any other advice would be appreciated as well.

  • Dave

ask them

why should i not hire you?

when was the last time you lied?

Behavioral based interviewing has worked very well for me. The concept of BBI is that the best indicator of an applicant's future performance is his past behavior.

Basically, you determine ahead of time what are the qualities an employee must have in order to be successful at that position. You then ask questions that require the applicant to give specific examples of situations that have showcase that skill or quality.

Don't let them get away with being general. "I believe customers are number 1", doens't cut it. Ask for specific instances where their behavior has demonstrated that belief in action. Have them be as specific as possible, and then drill down and ask further questions based on the info they give you in their examples. This technique helps you to see throught the fluff and made up examples.

As far as making someone relaxed, my theory on that is I don't necessarily want them relaxed. I wanna see how they perform under pressure.

What position are you hiring for?

Security. We get an aweful lot of hotheads in the club/bar industry and that is my main concern. I was thinking of putting applicants in various hypothetical situations that we commonly come across and asking how they would handle the situations. Like you said though, that opens the door for generic "ideal" answers so I like the idea of asking for specific examples from their past experience in given situations.