Coner McGregor vs Nate Diaz at 155.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz at 155.

Who takes it???

Not in the battle of the mouths, but in MMA!

Okay, maybe BOTH!!!

Nate has a 3 inch height and reach advantage....

The stare down alone is PPV worthy lol

Diaz can sub him, out strike him. should be the favorite

I don't know about out strike. Sub...Yes!

Conor would not have to cut at all.

Would that not be an advantage for some?

Conor Phone Post 3.0

Nathan all day... Phone Post 3.0

Diaz 100 percent imo. Very bad style match up for McGregor.

Nasty Nate goes harder than Mr Notorious. Nate by decision or sub Phone Post 3.0

Nate got wrecked by Josh Thomson standing and even Benson won the standup against him. Conor seems as big as he is. Not sure Nate has the athleticism to get the takedown, and he gets crushed on the feet.

I wouldnt pick conor over too many LW but nate is way too flat footed and stiff for conor. Imo McGregor would get the ko Phone Post 3.0

After what Conor just did I will not bet against him again lol. I think he wins this fight Phone Post 3.0

RickStorm - 

The stare down alone is PPV worthy lol

The stare down is all that would be ppv worthy, McGregor walks through him regardless of the extra 10 pounds

StocktonStickerSlap - Conor gets chewed up. Phone Post 3.0
and spit out with 2 middle fingers in the air. Phone Post 3.0

UGCTT_VA757_GJTT - Nasty Nate goes harder than Mr Notorious. Nate by decision or sub Phone Post 3.0


Conor runs Nate through the washer verbally.
Nate won't get half the jokes made about him but get he is being mocked and flip out.
Nate will spit out epically quotable strange ass words jumbled together aimed at Conor and end them all with "I aint no bitch"
Fight breaks out at presser, hospital, hotel lobby and ... finally in the cage.
Who wins.... the fans

Easy fight for nate. Easier than cerrone. Conor is customers made for nate stylistically. Phone Post 3.0

The easiest big name fight for Conor. Diaz can't move for shit, isn't particularly fast, thinks he a boxer, and would try to strike with McGregor. 

Just another victim

This I would PPV to see!!!!

I wouldn't rush to Hooters or Millers Ale as I usually do for a fight.

Nate is a good-for-mma striker. Conor is a good striker. 

Nate is a non athlete. Conor moves like the matrix.

Nate can't get out of the way of a punch.

Conor is the most accurate striker in the UFC.