Confirm this Zuffa

The winner of Lidell vs. White at UFC 49 will get the next LH title shot. Correct?

Lidell gets it no matter the outcome

I just want to make sure with this talk of the winner of Ken/Tito getting a title shot.

Chuck won't get it if he loses, and Tiger won't get it if he wins.

Wrong. Did you not see UFC when Goldy said no matter the outcome Chuck will get his shot with Vitor or Randy

i never heard that. sounds kinda lame if its true.

it was when they were announcing Vitor vs Randy.

i still doubt it would happen if chuck lost. I don't think goldy has any info on fighters contracts. it could have been a slip of the tongue. who knows.

Doesnt matter who, none of them will be able to beat Randy.

I';d be shopcked if Tiger came out of the crucible as champ,
but boy it would be sweet. 11 year veteran, losing record,
never got his due and BAM! Two fights and he's king of the
world...but back to reality I see Chuck stickin and moving as
randy chases him down and we see a good, clean fight

No matter what tito wont be chuck again, nor will he beat randy coutoure, nor belfort.

NEWSFLASH: Zuffa never comes here anymore because of faceless internet dorks ambushing them with 'brilliant and helpful' advice on how a fight orginization should be run. Not at all the types to be limited by the fact that they lack the experience to even make a managerial position at the local Dairy Queen, they have nothing but contempt and disrespect for Zuffa and the money and work he's been able to put behind the UFC.