Conflict Desert Storm 2

I really liked the first one and had to get this one. I was dissapointed that it wasn't about W Bush's campaign. So far I jumped right back in and it's playing well. I did notice that they really de-powered Jones the black guy. He was INSANE in the first game and the most important guy on the team. As much fun as this game is solo it is 10 better playing Co-op with a friend.

My threads here are worse than getting your sock wet.

I thought that would get a response on this wastelant of a thread. I knew a guy who if you were over his house and pissed him off he would leave a wet sock trap. Ice cubes left to melt on the floor. Of course someone could have easily slipped and cracked their head open on the corner of the table, but you never think about that stuff.

LOL!! Is this game on all systems??

Yes as far as I know. And on the XBOX it is 4 player!