Conflict or war starting in Ukraine soon?

Looks like conflicts are picking up in many regions again…

Not exactly a peaceful part of the country, and I don’t doubt that they may have another conflict on the horizon, but do you have anything other than tanks on a train to say a conflict is upcoming? I live in Denver and we see trainloads of tanks on the train by my office numerous times a year. They move them between bases for training and such. Just seeing tanks loaded on a moving train does not mean there is an upcoming conflict.

Yeah Russia building up as well

Claims Russia broke cease fire and killed 4 Ukrainians but I have also seen report a few weeks back that after Biden gave Ukraine 125 million they also were shelling in the area

OP thinks driving armor from source to destination is how its done. Haha!

People are dying and shelling is escalating

I expect US and NATO to fight with Ukraine this time.

What is the beef? Is it still about that over turned election or the pipeline easement? I sort of dislike when NATO countries start shit like Turkey knowing they have a body guard

I think it is mostly a combination of Putin wanting to gut-check a new US administration combined with a show of force ahead of some negotiations. I don’t think that it will necessarily lead to a new invasion. But, yes, there is now more fighting in Donbas after things had mostly quieted down over the last year or two.

Yeah looks like good bye Minsk agreement

Sadly the Ukraine is weak and has nothing for Russia.

Yeah but they have their good buddy Joe biden which is bad for everyone


I wonder if this conflict could cause rise to the big one.

I mean they have been demonizing Russia for the longest time. Even with ridiculous headlines such as this


They did last time. Just funneled dollars to be paid back to blackwater type mercenary companies here. Either that or it was the greatest comeback in military comeback in history.

There are videos of native English speakers in fatigues all over Ukraine right after putin annexed Crimea.

There’s a Canadian researcher who’s published research contradict the current Maidan narrative.

That’s a cool tune!
Don’t Touch My Soul by Misty in case anyone wants to know.
If they start a war, send them latest GoPros to film some nice footage.

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A lot of the open source info about this is coming from Russians living in places like Rostov posting videos of troop movements to TikTok set to music.

It makes research really weird, but maybe a bit more entertaining than when it was Russian soldiers posting their Donetsk selfies on VK.

I thought I saw articles about Russia moving tanks and stuff towards Belarus as well?

Need to be sure not to confuse videos. I can translate Russian YouTube videos but haven’t found a way around the language barrier for tik toks and other social media