Conflict or war starting in Ukraine soon?

Yes. Apart from the sheer scale of the Russian military movements, one of the unusual things that is worrying people is that they are also going to the border near Chernihiv and Sumy. Buildups near Rostov on the Donbas border are fairly routine, though not as large, but that is odder.

Escalating fast…

Can we at least import all the Ukrainian hotties to the US? All the jokes aside, hope nothing happens.

It’s like Putin is saying to Biden “Come at me bro”

It’s a little unclear who is driving the aggression.

Ukraine has been building up forces at the border of the Donbass region and Russia is building them up on the other side.

Read that Russia is breaking the ceasefire but also saw reports of Ukraine aggression.

Today there’s reports that the ceasefire monitoring drones have been blocked but it could also be because zelensky is apparently visiting the frontlines.

The whole thread has lots of information pretty level headed analysis as well by this guy. Admits Russias intentions are unclear.

LOL. ya. sure.

Not a chance

To me this seems like Russian intelligence knows that US/NATO is once again feeding insurrection money into Ukraine like they did during the Obama administration.

Well the first plan to get one of the most corrupt countries in Ukraine into the EU failed and now they are talking potential NATO membership…

We need to stay the fuck out of it

Lol, I doubt that happens…

I think US could already be visiting as well. I’ll have to dig I thought I saw something about it

Putin’s done a great job of turning every country to Russia’s east into an enemy.

US sent a couple warships into Black Sea.

Biden doesn’t give a shit what side he just wants in on that sweet industrial military complex.

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Check out her patch

The UN has a direct interest in Ukraine as a strategic territory bordering Russia. They don’t give a single flying fuck about the population. That is why NATO fed insurrection money through Obama in 2014. NATO only sees Ukrainians as potential martyrs to be used against Russia.

WRONG! Ukraine is a US and EU puppet. theyre trying to isolate russia. The west is stripping UKR/setting up oligarchs . The deep state is setting that shit up for WWIII. West in encouraging UKR aggression against russia. 100% UKr acting for the deep state

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