Conflict or war starting in Ukraine soon?

DILLI i thought u were replying to me lol. My bad. Fucking stupid ass new forum.

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yup. you dont see the far right nazi’s on cnn. you dont see nazi war criminals being revered again.

Ya we are on the same page.

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It remains a mystery what Ukraine might have against Russia.

That isn’t much to admit. Russia’s intentions are unclear and anyone who is giving a hard answer is selling you something. Putin’s approval ratings are at the lowest point they’ve been since before Crimea, is dealing with multiple protest movements and chatter about various autonomous republics attempting to distance themselves from the center, and his most reliable ally (Belarus) in a revolution while the Armenians are not so happy with being forced into a more subordinate position after the Karabakh war. Russian war planners might also think that it might still be possible to try again to take over the Azov coast and conquer a land route to Crimea after failing to do so in 2014-2015.

But, I still think that is unlikely. They know that the EU (with the exception of the easternmost part of it) is extremely conciliatory towards Russia and will lean on Kyiv to make concessions rather than rick any escalation. Putin cannot show weakness by backing away from brinksmanship, and everyone knows it. So, Russia will get something out of this.

Still, pretty not great that Russia news talk shows are basically talking about launching a war of extermination.

But there is no “Ukrainian aggression against Russia.” That is just stupid.

What about it?

While it might not be an exact replica of a “totemkopf” the person who’s grave she saluting here might give the impression otherwise

Stupid boomers that don’t know how to use basic forum functions*

It is not at all a Totenkopf. It is the insignia of this unit: 72nd Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine) - Wikipedia

The Guardian is reporting the same

Sorry they only fought alongside the neonazis…

Starting? That whole area has been the Springfield Tire Fire since the 90s.

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I don’t understand this whole “intentions are unclear” stuff.

Kiev is the Birthplace of the Kiev Rus empire. Crimea was originally part of that before the Ottomans took it. It’s also where the English and French chose to side with Muslim Turkey and thwart Russia’s push to take it back and then on to Constantinople for Christendom. They view themselves as the good guys taking back their ancestral homeland and are still in the “Great Game” with the west. We still fuck with them as though we are. Seems like the usual fuckery just another century

NeoCon Biden phony Admin will not let a good crisis go to waste.

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I was right.

Everyone might as well forget about your bipartisan bullshit because it’s almost draft time.

Response to NATO doing what?