Congatulations Tyson Griffin!!

Quick finish.....Tapout of the night and the 15,000$ bonus!!! Wanna see alot more of this guy...

Ty made us proud last night..damn good job kid

I was hoping to see some standup or GNP from him, but hy when you gotta chance to finish it..finish it. Well done.

looks like a force Did thet said he beat Faber if so thats a good win

i said it from the fight where he knocked out urijah look out for tyson he is champion caliber for sure. -siloh p.s good luck ncfa and nice win sanchez!

$15,000 bonus? For reals?

That's amazing.

Franco,tell him to make it last next time so we can see more of his skills;)

Nice that they actually showed it.

yup gonna keep my eye on this guy..and god damn the lw div. is stacked!!

core,i wil let him know..Although after the 15k bonus for tap of the night i doubt he will be lettin em go to long..quick takedown+evn faster sub=15k and a whole lotta boose and hookers)


Tyson looks like a mini me of David Terrell.

He has some big victories aleady.

How big is Tyson though? I didn't catch his stats, is he a true 155lber, or is he just moving up and fighting at that weight to fight in the UFC?

true 155lber he only cut for faber and said he wouldnt do it again. 5'6" 155lbs.