Congrats 10th Planet Promotees!

Congrats to Chuck, for receiving your purple belt, and Felicia, for receiving your brown belt, from Eddie last night!

Congratulations to both of you on your achievement - you guys are dedicated, work hard, and are generous training partners on top of it. Keep up the good work!

Go 10th Planet!



Damn Felicia got her brown congrats!!!

Does this mean that felicia will tap chuck???

Go Felicia!!!


Congratulations to both -- these are well-deserved promotions!

Felicia -- I will spar you for that Gameboy. Come on, Tetris is mine.

Congratulations Chuck and Felicia.

Big Congrats to both!

holy sheeeyat!

Felicia got the brown!

Congrats to both!

How do you get awarded belts? You don't even wear gi's. Just do what the luta livre guys do...where thin colored ropes. It would make more sense.

Nonetheless, congratulation. Its a big accomplishment.

Eddie says he doesn't wear Karate PJs, but he does wear the pants, so a belt isn't really *that* much of a stretch. Congrats to all!

They were awarded the rank of brown/purple belt. Additionally, they were given an actual physical belt as as gesture of jiu-jitsu tradition.

Awesome! Way to go Chuck and Felicia.

Man, i wish I could actually train, but I think I'm pretty much done. I've had to have my knee drained twice and I have a ruptured bursa sac....I dunno if I'll ever make it back into class, :(

they wear colored tshirts.



cumprido1, ouch. Let's get a second opinion before we write off training. We need you back because everyone is afraid to roll with Beast.

TTT for 10th Planet!

Sorry to hear about that cumprido! :(

Thank you everybody.

Cumprido1: That totally sucks. I agree with SteveKT. We're not
giving up on you yet. Give it some time and rest. We need you

SteveKT: You, however, are another matter. I'm sure you were
saving that link for a special event such as this. Well, now I guess
we have a new resource for practicing our Sleep Spells. Thanks!

Kangaroo...I mean, Fab: I'll bring Tetris and let you play it (forget
sparring for it...hel-loooo????) as long as you promise not to sweat
on it or get mad when it beats you and throw it across the room!
And no heavy breathing either! (heh heh heh...Tetris is gonna kick
your ass...heh heh...YAH, kick your ass! Bwah-haaa-haaaa-haaaa-

Thanks guys, hey I'd love to get back, but this is freaking me out...I might need surgery, and i dunno how or where i injured it! I can't do anything right now, and it definitely sucks, it's my left knee too...which is really not good!

My main focus is playing the drums, which I can't even do right now unfortunately, and pretty soon, we'll be so busy with that, that I just can't afford to get injured any more!