Congrats Aaron Simpson

Wonderful job tonight. The punch was powerful and on the button. You and Steve went to FL to put on a show and you guys did just that. Steve lost a tough decision but never wavered as his opponents changed.

Great work Todd and Trevor

ttt...was a great fight and it seems like Arizona Combat Sports is not just coming up, but has arrived.


Great WEC debut for Aaron...very good fighter and trains with a top camp. As he said "Sky's the limit"

Dude that was an absolutely brutal KO. Congrats to Aaron.

 What the hell are the Lallys feeding these guys down in AZ???

 Simpson is a beast in the gym, and there are plenty more fighters that nobody has heard much about...yet...

Heres a name to remember....Jacob McClintock.

TTT for a wrestler that made every match exciting and from this fight it looks like he has carried it over to mma....Congrats LGSM, Arizona Combat Sports, Lally's, and most of all Aaron Simpson...

 Congrats Simpon on your win!

Sick KO....