Congrats again Swamp!!

Big Congrats once more to SWAMPROCKER aka Respected UG'er James Douglas who won his Pro Debut at UFL in Indiana via TKO, ref stoppage in RND 2.

As before mentioned, this victory came after nearly a year off due to a severe leg break.

We're glad to see you get the W bro. Keep training hard and keep the drive alive!

AttackMode Staff

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Attack Mode and Knockout Radio.... Thanks for repping those tees buddy. 

And congrats again! 


Benjamin Glossop / Knockout Radio

Thanks, Guys.

Appreciate it.

btw, why does John, the ref, look upset that I won? lol


Perhaps the muscularity in your left biceps and forearm was a bit overwhelming ???

Here was the beginning of the end.

Great pic and the green name is looking SWEET brother.



Congratulations Swamprocker! Glad to see you're back in the cage.

thanks, dude!


thanks, Jeff!

Thanks Tuggle! but you are the CLASSYEST by far!

who's the tranny with the photoshopped head

^what are you talking about?

James is an awesome fighter, I am really happy for you man!

thanks, dude! you have any fights coming up?